VPN for iPhone – Proxy Server App Reviews

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I downloaded the 3-day trial but was NOT able to cancel it without it charging me the $9.99 monthly fee. What’s worst, it NEVER works for me! So disappointed! Don’t do it!


Don’t like how it’s timed on how much u can use

5 minutes?!?

What exactly are we going to experience in 5 minutes? Not worth it, imho.

Can’t cancel the trial in software.

There is no cancellation option in the software.


Awesome for speed


I’m just in the initial stages of setting up the second portion of the VPN for IPhone. Thus far steps have been clear cut and easily applied.... moving forward to set up or configure the app for encryption (I think) .... if the outcome of this is as smooth as the first portion I’m one happy gal!

how do I cancel my free 3-day trial?

I want to cancel my three day trial, but the directions are not clear at all on how to cancel it. I read some other reviews and they also said it’s not clear, and I don’t want to be “locked in” into paying 10 dollars. Please help. Thank you

Garbage scam

If I could give negative stars I would keeps asking for my Apple ID randomly and only gives me 5 min free of vpn service I like how it looks though but if you where not such a idiot it would be fine

Does not work

I started the free trial and it did not connect for me in any server. It connected once and then disconnected when I connected to the wifi. It doesn’t connect with the wifi on and when you turn it on after connecting it doesnt work either it turns back off. I dont know if its the app or the wifi blocking it or something, but it didnt work at all for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Tree wood

Completely useless!

I downloaded the app because of the strict wifi at my school, and after installing the profile and becoming aggravated because it wouldn’t connect, it finally connected. However, it would not allow anything to work on my phone if it required internet; even my App Store!

how nice

9.9$per month ,kind of robber

The best vpn app out there

The best vpn app out there it doesn’t disconnect unless u do it urself and it’s connecting faster then u can imagine Keep up the good work


İts free only for one hour

Horrible App

Can’t connect; repeatedly asks if I want the new subscription even though I had already signed up!?

Can’t cancel subscription

Hi, I can’t seem to cancel my subscription. I remember getting the free trial and trying to canceling it before it expired as I was just trying it out, but it never gave me a “cancel” button when trying to cancel it. Please help !


I literally have to turn the VPN “off” if I want to send email. That’s weird. I’ll probably find another VPN as the subscription nears the end of 30 days.


You only get 5 min free


Great app for security!

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work at all in CN. Tried to select servers in other countries, always prompts to subscribe Pro. Come on, if free version doesn’t work at all how can I know it will work in paid version. Deleted it. To reply developer’s reply ‘...In China theres some restrictions for VPN apps. Thats why you are facing problem...’ — restriction for VPN...very funny, I wonder why people would need VPN in the first place? A disclaimer of your VPN is not working in some countries would be better.

It doesn’t work

And for some reason keeps on asking for my Apple ID password


Free version doesnt even work. Trial works ok but will lock you into a subscription after three days. It is not very clear how to cancel either.

Its free 3 stars

Please correct me if I am wrong but I took 2 stars out as this VPN does keep logs.

Free trial expired

Used a free trial. Paid to continue to use for one more month. I have “free trial expired” pop up every time I try to use the app. Credit card was charged, I can not use the app.

Could Be Better...

Didn't give me enough time to really test the app. Very disappointed!!!!


Really awful

Very useful VPN proxy Server

Nice VPN proxy server app. Easy to use interface.100+ global server from 45 country.nice graphics...

so far the best VPN app ever

very easy to use though its not free, it fulfills all my needs

Amazing app for vpn

Very useful and affordable app. This app was good compared to other vpn apps which I used prior to this app.

Best VPN service

i recommend this special app for its excellent service great design as well i like it so much

Good app for vpn

Its so good. Easy to use. I loved it

Amazing app

Amazing app. Really love to this app. Very helpful easy to use. developer do very hardworking on it

Good proxy servers with Nice update

Actually I am a regular user of this app. And this time I have looked lots of change in here. Now this is more secure and stronger then before. All the proxy servers are smooth.👍

Never dropped connection

I think this is one of the easiest VPN for iPhone. The app commits about the proxy severs which it is support those are actually very smart to get data. Useful and efficient application.

Perfect and simple

Most of the VPN have too much restrictions for users. Not only that every servers of those VPN are not capable to connect or serve data with same quickness. In here about 100 servers and all are smart enough. No need to resister to access any proxy sever.Just connect and enjoy.

Useful VPN

I will vote this VPN for it’s service. In App Store lots of smart VPN and I this is one of them. Biggest support of this app is it’s consistency. I have connected 3 days trial + one month subscription and it never lost it connection for a single time.



تقيم البرنامج

لم اجربه بعد

Won’t connect

Say connecting for a minute and then just disconnects. Doesn’t work

Best VPN app

I've used several vpn apps. But this one is simply the best.

Helpful app

Beyond to explain it's facilities. After download I just activate it's 7 day trial and nicely works it is. I love this app and the way it has given me great service. I'm using this app and the great thing it it's never disconnect and neither any others trouble. I have connected all of the most of the server and browsed smoothly. Love this product.

Works great

Overall I’m very pleased to its performance, specially when I haven’t paid for this. And difference between this one and other is no ads showing!! Most of the time my country restricted lots of Website from the other country due to security issues. when I’m moving abroad I can’t access my necessary county Servers.By using this this awesome app i can easily change my IP. Lots of VPN are available but the question arise for their service and security. As far as I have used this it’s perfect. No apps provide this huge numbers of free IP. Excellent.

Great VPN app

Finally I found this perfect app. Lots of proxy Servers are in here. Actually I have researched lots of VPN of App Store. But it's easiest one. I can switch any preferable server in a single click.And I'm very pleased for its subscription cost. Only 5$/year!!!!

Thanks for lots of server

Most of the time an user want to access different servers for extra facilities. All the servers can’t provide all types data perfectly. So most of the smart user find multiple servers to access his necessary web smoothly. In this app at most 20+ country’s server are provide and each and every are easy to connect. As a user I am satisfied to use it. Good VPN app indeed.

Useful VPN

I think this one is easiest VPN app for user. I used several VPN apps but no one provides as many server like this. And every server works very quickly.

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