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Hi, idk if anyone will ever see this

This is a great vpn for schools, no ads, and connects fast. This is the only and the last review I will ever write, idk what those people are talking about with it not working but I’m 100% a real person, Amos millybug13


I can’t cancel my subscription. Don’t download this app. Download HotSpot VPN

Problems with free trial

That’s it I am SO done I signed up for your free trial yesterday and all it kept doing was giving me a pop up screen to sign up for free trial or free preview expired need to sign up for trial to connect. I had to keep re-connecting then after a few hours NONE of the servers worked and after posting my upset about this I got no response from you. Why do you expect ppl to sign up when major problems show up after a few minutes well I’m certainly not going to pay for aggravation bye:(


didn’t work at all. Every time I tapped it just said failed to connect


Doesn't work and wants you to pay for every God damned thing 🖕🏻


Somehow this vpn program will not give me the correcr location. Sometimes it wont connect and when it does it connects to a different location than is set. Also i wanted a 3 day free trial but it made me pay 9,99 for a month which is more than just dissapointing conaidering the indunctionality of this app. Not satisfied. I strongly advice against this app.


Never worked

So bad

It’s not working...👎🏻

I paid and still asking for payment

I have been paying 9.99 a month and the app keeps asking me to pay 9.99 like if i dont already. And i dont see a difference on my phone..

Charged me 10 dollars and not let me use it

Seems like a scam...charged me 10 dollars and not let me use it

Doesn’t work

Worked once, then just drop dead :(


Will this vpn stop data throttling


I didn’t even get the chance to use his VPN because it gave me a few minutes then told me to subscript. I’m very unhappy, this is suppose to be a free app. Hahaha.

Y’all are fake

So the only thing I want to do in school IS WATCH MY SHOWS. I PAID FOR THIS SH*T YALL ARE ALL ASKING FOR DEATH -GIVING ME FALSE HOPE. I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL . refund me you hoes. Jesus doesn’t love you

Why is there a free session

If u want to have a free app then don't make it so you have to pay for subscriptions >:(

Gamalier ayudando

No la descarguen el internet dura 5:00 y después tienes q pagar no espara siempre


I downloaded the app and I payed $9.99 a month I believe and like the sign keeps popping up like the premium account benefit and the VPN takes a long time to connect like I have to keep repeating it like over and over again , but I mean it works totally fine . How can you determine if you paid or not ?

Don’t get this app!

It says you can get a 3 day trail, but there is no cancel button in the app, you will be charged 10 dollars for that. Plus it never works for me. I just figured out how to cancel the subscription. You can go to settings-iTunes & apple store-“your Apple ID”-view Apple ID-subscription to cancel it. Hope this is helpful.

Not happy

Won’t let me unsubscribe

Can not control the app.

Once I log into the app it won’t allow me to do anything. It starts doing odd things like signing in on its own and asking if I want to configure the app and then does it itself. Then asks me for my location. I have asked for a refund from the company and have yet to hear back from them. I found that IPVanishVPN is a whole lot better and much quicker to connect. This app is crap!

It is ok

I enjoy this software

Not as promised

Free Trial gone in 3 Hours What a Deal 🤨 Please Re Consider Not as promised


I didn’t get a VPN after I downloaded this nothing worked

Worst VPN

I bought the app and was using in in the states before leaving on deployment and nothing worked on my phone till I deleted it. Feels like a scam. I want my money back for this terrible app.

Bad app

It’s very slow and not working any locations and after Subscription not work 👎1/10


2 thumbs up


This isn’t a scam this is actually a good vpn my parents were okay with it, it’s great I use this vpn while making Youtube videos and livestreams and I have a hotspot shield which I livestream on and it’s a really good vpn I think you should get it!

Different VPN, same story.

As it seems to be with all but the very few vpn apps and desktop clients that will actually protect you, every piece of crucial data is missing. why do you use a vpn? it’s fast? great. lots of servers? great. but all the crucial days is missing. what king of vpn configuration is being used? openvpn? pptp? this matters a lot. Does the service keeps logs? if so, how often do they delete these logs? the point of a vpn is to keep you anonymous for your protection. Nothing in this app tells me any relevant data about it doing that. what country is this company located in? do they willingly hand over ip logs when requested by content owners? governments? the NSA? these are the reasons we use a vpn in the first place yet there is no data on how this vpn protects you. honestly, i recommend you look into openvpn. it can be cheap to free, nearly impossible to crack your IP and openvpn providers tend to believe in anonymity and are less likely to hand over your up and log of every single thing you did online. once again, flashy words for people who are not informed on what a good vpn requires.. no offense to those who like it but a vpn requires research or you’re just giving data to a random company instead of your ISP.. and your data is most likely handed over upon request. sad truth, but inform yourselves because everything you do on the internet is now being tracked by many organizations actions for many reasons. please just inform yourselves. you mY have to get a bit technical.

Best VPN

This is the best VPN. It’s working accurately. Recommend to everyone who is searching for best vpn

Nice app

It’s very nice app app for me. I really like it very useful and good working when connected to vpn

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So I downloaded it and the first 3 days are free, cool but then they charge you the 9.99 and it doesn’t upgrade you to premium, and if you email them they just tell you to unsubscribe... some BS DONT GET THIS, IT WILL MAKE YOU SIGN ON BEFORE YOU USE!!!!


First attempt and failed.


Why can you not cancel your subscription I tried to during and after my 3 day trial. I have now been charged $10 and there is no option cancel? Can anyone help please!

Charging people in trial

Got 3 day trial. Didnt work and so cancelled subscription. Still got charge for one month. Later i saw in subscription this is listed as trick. Not fair as i see.

It was working fine suddenly stopped

This app was working great, suddenly it stopped working saying my free trial had expired even though I still have almost half a month subscription left. Without a restore button

No way to cancel

No way to cancel the free trial.

Auto renew issues

App works well. I used it while traveling overseas. Only problem: I set mine to NOT auto renew and it renewed anyway. Not sure if an apple iOS update messed up my settings or the app itself has a problem. Wrote the company to see what happens next and if they will issue a refund. Hopefully I won’t have to pay another fee next month.


This is only a trial version. It works well.

Cancel Subscription.

Lots of feedback regarding being unable to cancel the subscription. Your team clearly avoided addressing such feedbacks. This is a SCAM!

I did not try the program and the money was taken

hi The amount was withdrawn twice and I did not take advantage of the program and was deleted from the device

Worst. Not working. No cancel option. Do not buy

Worst. Not working in Korea. No cancel option. Do not buy



Bad service

It only stays for few minutes then goes off

China can't connected


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